Dare to Be Different – Sell Your Own Home!

223229Home owners who want to sell their homes, struggle with how to sell their homes. Should they take the traditional approach and use a real estate agent? Should they try to sell their home on their own? Should they use a company that helps with all of the social media side while they do all of the showings and the negotiations? Some consumers are so confused and even desperate to sell that they just give up. Another approach is to sell your home to a professional home buying company in Baltimore, Maryland.

Sell Your Home On Your Own

Baltimore Maryland is a very competitive market for home sellers and buyers. There are more homes coming on the market all of the time. If your going to sell your home on your own, you need to price your home well, advertise over the net and use social media to help people find your home. Price your home competitively, make sure it is super clean and not cluttered. Consumers also need to be available to show the home to prospective buyers. You will need to be flexible on the showing times and also be able to sort through the gawkers, the people looking for decorating ideas and those that are just plain curious. All of these activities including negotiations, are usually the job of a professional real estate agent.

Use a Real Estate Agent

There are literally thousands of real estate agents in Baltimore, MD. Choosing an agent who will do a great job for you can be a challenge. Look for agents that work in your neighborhood. Make sure they are familiar with the services in your area and have then discuss their planned marketing plan for your home. You are probably paying 6% real estate commission, so make sure you get your moneys worth. How often will they be in touch with you? How many open houses do they plan to have? Do they have a good record of sales for the past year? These are all questions consumers should ask. You may decide to interview several real estate agents prior to making a final decision.

Depending on the market and your pricing strategy, your home may sell within a few weeks to several months. Your real estate agent should suggest a proposed listing price that is in range of the current market conditions. If you decide to price your home higher than the market, will they push back or just take the price you would like and run with it.

Sell Your Home to a Professional Home Buying Company

Many consumers would like to just simplify selling their homes. Many will turn to a professional home buying company in Baltimore Maryland. It is much simpler to sell a home this way. There is no commission, there are no showings and you can sell your home very quickly. In many cases consumers do not even need to make repairs or clean up.

Professional home buying companies in Baltimore will take into account the market price of your home, its current condition, the fees they will incur in buying and selling your home to establish a price they can offer. Naturally they will also build in a small profit.

The major advantage to the consumer is a fast sale, no commission, and no marketing expenses.

Compared to selling your home on your own, selling to a professional home buying company is much easier. Consumers may use one of the many companies available who provide social media listing services. They still need to have lots of high quality pictures to show off their home, excellent narrative describing all of the benefits of their home. All of the repairs must be completed that will help to sell the home. Otherwise they must be disclosed when buyers are interested. Undisclosed repairs may result in lost sales or worse, a lawsuit sometime after the sale has closed.

If you live in Baltimore MD, consider using a professional home buying company to sell your home to and simplify your life.


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