Things to Consider When Selling or Buying a House During Peak Seasons


Anytime home owners are selling a home or buying another home, there are lots of things to consider. Knowing the competition, setting the listing price, making repairs and cosmetic improvements etc. are just a few of the issues to think about.

There is also timing to consider. Many families want to move into their next home before school starts so the kids can start the school at the same time as everyone else. Knowing the neighborhood and making sure that the services your family needs are close by are also considered by many.

The peak time for home sales in Baltimore, Maryland is usually in the spring with families moving mid to late summer just before school begins. The winter months, especially December is slower with fewer homes listed and fewer buyers looking for homes as well. It can be more difficult to sell a home in the winter months because there are fewer buyers. From a buyer’s perspective, with less homes on the market it may be difficult to find something that meets your requirements at a price level you can afford.

Sellers selling Homes at Peak Periods

If you need to sell your house during the peak timeframe between March through June, be prepared. Your home needs to be competitive with other homes on the market. The price must be aligned with the market, too high and there will not be much interest, too low and you either have a bidding war (a good thing) or you lose money by selling too low. Ensure there are great photos, the description of your home is well written and highlights all of the strong points about your home. Make sure your home shows well both inside and out.

Buyers Buying Homes in peak Periods

There are lots of homes on the market, but there are lots of buyers as well. You may need to scramble to get the home you want. There may even be a bidding war for the really good ones. Be prepared with a pre-approved mortgage and know what you are looking for. This includes the features you need, the location relative to schools and services for your family as well as proximity to work are all important to know before you start looking.

Buyers may need to move quickly to ensure that their offer is prepared and accepted. If you want an inspection report to be completed, have an inspector already arranged. All you need to do is call him or her, give them the address and make it happen.

Buying a Home in Off Peak Periods

In addition to fewer homes on the market, there are other items to consider. Buying a home in the winter time can mean snow on the roof and around the foundation. In the spring when the snow melts there could be surprises under the roof or around the foundation. Issues with the landscaping, AC systems etc. may also be difficult to determine under these discussions.

Home owners in Baltimore, MD who do not want to deal with all of these issues when selling their home or must sell quickly can also consider a professional home buying company. These companies will purchase your home at any time of the year. They will take into account any repairs that are needed and offer a proposed price reflecting these repairs. The sale will close quickly and home owners can move on to the next home they have their eye on.

Compared to spending months fixing up your home, listing it for sale and waiting for offers to come in, selling a home to a professional home buying company in the Baltimore MD area can be liberating. Reduced stress, reduced mortgage payments, property taxes and utility bills and nothing spent on repairs frees homeowners to look for another home and move on their schedule. More and more people are considering this option to sell their home in Baltimore.

Many professional home buying companies will either rent the home out or make repairs and resell it on the market. Buyers can also take advantage of these sales and find house more quickly if they need to find a place to live.


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