Small Signs Your Home Could Have Bigger Issues

Real estate agents working in the Baltimore Maryland area and really all over the country will always encourage buyers to arrange for a home inspection of the home they are buying before agreeing to remove all conditions. They may also urge sellers to do the same to ensure there are no major surprises for the home owner. If there are major repairs needed, they can complete them prior to listing the home for sale. With documentation showing the inspection report and the associated repairs, most home owners can ask a higher price when they list their homes for sale.


What Should an Inspection Report Cover?

The home inspector should cover the entire home and the report will actually be many pages in length. Every aspect of your home should be covered, inside and out. They will take pictures to demonstrate what they found and they will document when major things such as roofs and furnaces / AC units were replaced. All of this is great information for both the seller and the buyer. Both parties can use this information during negotiations of the final selling price.

What are the Major Areas of Concern?

Water leaks can cause a great deal of damage if not addressed. The inspector will check the condition of your roof. They will confirm appropriate drainage around your foundation and look for cracks in the foundation which could be a source of water leaking into the basement. They will also check your plumbing throughout.

Electrical systems deteriorate over time and homeowners also make changes to outlets and lights. They will check that your system is working properly. If it is an older home, they will verify that all of the connections are tight and the outlets etc. are working properly.

Heating and air conditioning systems are verified. Depending on the season the inspection is completed, inspectors can verify that the heating or the AC system is in fact working. They cannot confirm the efficiency of the system or whether it is using more electricity or fuel than it should. Ask to see previous heating and cooling bills to assess how well these systems are working. If in doubt, an energy audit can be requested.

Insulation in the attic may need to be updated. If it is an older home, the insulation will have compressed and will not meet current standards for new homes. Home owners may consider adding new insulation to the attic and also adding weather stripping around windows and doors. If the windows are older, new windows may make a huge difference to heating and cooling bills.

Make Repairs or Sell to a Professional Home Buying Company

Current home owners are going to be faced with an inspection report whenever they sell their homes through a real estate agent in Baltimore, MD. Some properties will require a great deal of repair and work to correct many of the items mentioned in these reports. When homeowners are faced with spending thousands of dollars in repairs, they may wonder what their options are especially if they do not have the funds to complete the repairs.

There is another option for them to consider. Professional home buyers in Baltimore will inspect your home and make a reasonable offer for your home as is. While the price will reflect the repairs that are needed, many homeowners choose this option. They do not have to pay a real estate commission, the home sells quickly and they do not have to spend months making repairs before listing their homes for sale on the Baltimore MLS system. They save a great deal of time and money. Don’t forget to factor in the extra mortgage payments, property taxes and utility bills that are no longer needed when the home is sold quickly to a professional home buyer.

Selling their homes this way is an option that many Baltimore homeowners are choosing because it makes sense for them financially and also fits their lifestyle needs. They get to move more quickly whether it is to up size, move to a be closer to a new job or to deal with debt situations.



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